Dinosaurs Facts

Dinosaurs, often called Dinosauria, may have been extinct for sixty-five million years, but it seems to me that they were very much at home in our culture and society. Many children go through a phase of being fascinated by these prehistoric animals, many maintain to be fascinated as adults and with an abundance of books, films, websites and TV shows, devoted to dinosaurs, no sign of fading shown by their popularity. This article aims to investigate this phenomenon, and offers several reasons why these ancient reptiles still fascinate us today.

The term dinosaur was first officially introduced by the Lancashire born, English anatomist Richard Owen in 1842 was to be knighted later in his life, for his work in the development of the embryonic Earth Sciences and Support is in the British Museum, now known as the Natural History Museum of London. Owen has been tasked to classify the strange fossils that have been found over the years in the south of England.

It is fair to conclude that the bones represented reptiles; but their size and scale unlike anything known to scientists since the late Georgian and early Victorian era. With the agreement established a formal scientific description, Owen came to the conclusion that these strange fossils of reptiles are represented so different from those who live at a time when they deserve their own taxonomic order.

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