Most Famous Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaurs are very familiar to most of us. They can be found as toys in most children’s rooms, they starred in the films, and they are included in numerous television documentaries and books. When they are displayed on the screen in a documentary or in a computer game, they appear in different colors.

For example, perhaps the most famous of all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex was depicted color brown, red, bronze, green, in fact, in all the colors of the rainbow. T.Rex is a fixture of most dinosaur toy ranges, some would say that no dinosaur model range would be complete without the obligatory copy of this huge and terrifying predator of Late Cretaceous. Here too, the models of this particular dinosaur is in a range of colors.

Collecta have red and black T. Rex in its not to scale series, but the scale of the 1:40 version of the same animal, a reptile that is depicted as a dark green color with light shades of green in the abdominal cavity. Schleich Bullyland and, two German producers on the basis of the model chose to show their Tyrannosaurus rex painted dark brown.

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