Deer The Most Aggressive Creature

We all like deer, and many people use to attract them to their backyards, but some do not know how to do it well or at all. I have received many queries regarding the feeding of deer and tips to do it right. To begin with, the feeding of deer is very simple. Their sense of smell will guide them directly to the feeder and delivery.

When other food sources become scarce, they will follow the aroma of good quality food over long distances. Once they have find it, they will be more than happy to stay around for as long as it is consistent supply. There are various aspects of the feeding of deer, which must be addressed before setting out a feeder. Firstly, and most importantly, deer are beautiful creatures and tend to be friendly, pleasant and accessible. This is very far from the point.

The deer can become aggressive, although rare, for many reasons, and I suggest you to keep distance and do not approach them for some reason. If you find a wounded deer or any wild or domestic animal, contact a local organization for the management of wildlife and not to approach the animal. Any wounded animal is potentially very dangerous.

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