Imagine Yourself in a Darkness Room

Darkness’s beauty is such that it is distributed throughout the universe, and still keep something intriguing beyond our imagination. Imagine yourself in a dark room at night while you are unable to sleep, and then see images that you make in the dark. Yes, this is what makes the darkness; it makes you see things that otherwise would not be seen, or not even possible to visualize.

This is exactly what led to the development of art in the dark, including the super hit horror movie, some dark poetry and hit the dark, eerie songs. In the world of darkness, as I said, it is beyond our imagination, and when these thoughts put into words and images on the screen, they just do wonders.

Most horror movies are based on true stories, that people in the past have experience or have dark memories of their childhood, while much of the plot revolves around myths and urban legends. The remaining additions to them are with the intellectual and imaginative persons. With dark films, come the creation of dark sounds and eerie music hits.

Darkness images gallery

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