Daisy The Lovely Flower with Vivid Colors

Daisy is loved for its simplicity and vivid colors. Bellis parennis is its latin name, which means “very” and “eternal”, respectively. In addition, under the name “Daisy” is considered a modification of “eye of the day” as they close their petals at night and open them in the morning. They were grown in the ancient temples of the Egyptians because of their medicinal properties.

Bouquet of daisies are great to have in any home, and since the flowers are known to be children’s, and to represent innocence, it will certainly be well received by anyone. There are so many uses of daisies; leaves that are young can be eaten cooked or raw, and so can the flowers.

In addition, many like to drink tea of daisies, because it is perfectly suited for the expansion of metabolic capabilities and to help your appetite. Historically, Roman physicians used juice of daisies to soak the bandages, which will later bind cuts. Today, it is still used in herbal and homeopathic medicines.

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