Where Does The Cricket Sports Comes From?

Cricket is a game that has its roots in England. As the British Empire expanded its suzerainty over territories around the world, cricket began to play in the colonies of England too. Today, cricket is a global game, played in 16 countries worldwide. Cricket is often nicknamed the “gentleman’s game” and although initially before cricket became popular, this was a game that is played mostly by women and children in the country where it originates.

Various people believe that it is a misnomer to call cricket with the term “gentleman’s game”. What with the Australians still sledging non-white players and getting racial and players generally hurling abuse at umpires, cricket is quickly falling from its lofty pedestal of being a game only for civilized and polite people.

However, a label “gentleman’s game” suits cricket better than it suits football, which many say is the most popular in the world “ruffians” game. (Calling Football a “Gentleman’s game” has never been suited. In addition, with more and more women choose cricket as a career, “gentleman’s game” would be sexist to say.
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