How to Prevent High Temperature of Your Computer

When the computer is turned on, almost all of its components get hot. Constant exposure to high temperatures can cause serious damage to your computer. Check, if the computer fans are running. This is the first step when you find your computer overheating. Open the case, then check that all the fans are still running.

If one does not work anymore, consider it to repair or get a replacement. Regularly clean your computer. It is important to regularly clean your computer, especially the cooling fans. Fans are attached inside the computer case for active cooling of the computer.

Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate in these fans. Accumulated dirt can slow down or, worse, stop the fans from work. If the fans will not be able to expel the hot air quickly enough, some internal parts will eventually overheat. Before cleaning each hardware component, make sure the computer is turned off.

You can also get a air blower from the market or online, air blower is an electrical device which helps you to clean dust from your computer easily. Make sure you use air blower from outside your house.

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