Things You Didn’t Know About Clown

It’s a funny thing about clowns, they can make us laugh with their appearance and antics. When someone sees about 15 clowns out of the Volkswagen Beetle at the circus, it amazes us. Clowns can be great fun. Then there’s the flip side. Many children and even adults have freaked out by clowns.

The famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who killed 33 boys and men, likes to dress like a clown. He loved to throw block parties and dress up as a clown to entertain children and calls himself “Pogo the clown.” That’s how he got the nickname “killer clown”.

There is more to this fear of clowns. Books and movies have not helped the problem. There are many books written about scary clowns, but they are worse movies. Even a super hero like Batman must face the Joker, cruel and ruthless criminal who kills without a single thought, and still faces painted to look like a smiling clown.

The worst fear of clowns is that some adults still have this fear, they realize that it is irrational, but they can not help themselves. It’s like a fear of heights, no matter how few of us tried that fear is always with us. We all know that clowns are just people who wear make-up and dull clothes, but it does not help those with the fear of them feel any better.

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