How to Properly Taking Care of Caterpillar

It is important that you give the caterpillar which is growing, a lot of food and space. When handling with your caterpillar, make sure you do not touch directly and take the leaf that is placed on the stem where it is resting. The reason for this is that they are very delicate, and they also have hairs that can irritate human skin.

Caterpillar is not very demanding pet and normal size caterpillar usually requires only a large jar to be stored inside. The stems of the plants your caterpillar will eat, should be included in an oasis that has been soaked in water and put in a jar with a caterpillar. Do not pour water into a jar or a caterpillar may drown.

The best way to keep caterpillar at home is by buying a butterfly kit. Then you can experience the true beauty of the conversion of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It will be a real shame if you hatched caterpillar, and then put it away in the final stages of its life cycle.

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