Cat Can Also Be the Best Friend of Human

The question of whether cat’s love is really may seem ridiculous to those who do not own cats. Dogs can claim the title of man’s best friend, but one who lives with cats knows that they are just too cool to want to be friends. Some may argue, however, that those who own cats apply human characteristics to non-human entities. Well, those who argue that all animals care for their young only because of instinct, have not spent time with the cat.

Cat communicate in many varieties of sounds. They consist of meowing, purring, hissing, growling, grunting and trilling. Cats have feline pheromones and a number of specific body language as well.

Cats are known to be an overwhelming feeling. Cat’s outer ear talk in the sound of the valve in each direction, which is then lowered into the eardrum to the ear canals. After the sound vibrating eardrum, middle ear changes the vibration of sound waves and directs them to a cat cochlea and finally brain. A cat can hear 20 hertz to 65,000 hertz.

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