Castle Facts

Castles remind us of a time that is full of adventure and romance. Castles remind us of a time of history in which there was no government and order. Despite the fact that there was mass confusion and anarchy, there was less order. Castles were the basis of feudalism. Castles can be regarded as an expression of feudal society.

Feudalism began with the appearance of castles and finished with their end. Castle set the tone as the only farm that nobility would live in that time. Castles have been under the influence and impacted on many medieval cathedrals in Europe. Although castles serve different purposes, their main purpose was military.

At that time, people were not protected by closing and locking the wooden door. They need to protect their castles and knights. The rulers and constables required the serfs to work the land to make an income to pay rent to the more important nobles.
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