Butterfly The Most Beautiful Creature

Butterflies are a symbol of many different things depending on where you live in the world. While some cultures consider butterflies as a symbol of transformation, love, wisdom and other cultures look at them with suspicion and fear – butterflies are signs of a less desirable character.

In Chinese culture, the butterfly symbolizes love. According to an old Chinese legend, the butterfly is a symbol of undying connection between lovers. It is common practice for the newly weds to get a gift with the symbol of a butterfly on it on their wedding day; it seeks to remind the couple, the energy of love. The Chinese believe that the flutter from flower to flower symbolizes a good social life for young people.

In some cultures, butterflies are a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Butterflies carry pollen from flower to flower, some cultures refer to this activity to sages which spread their wisdom and knowledge from person to person and help them grow.

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