Boxing Sports Facts You Didn’t Know

Boxing is one of the most ancient of all the martial arts, and there are understandable and traceable history in comparison with other forms of combat systems. The term boxing comes from box shape closed with your hand or fist. In Latin, it called the fist pugnus (hence the alternative view of boxing). Pugnus itself comes from the Greek pugme, which means “fist”.

Boxing is practices in one form or another, most of the classic ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Sumer (box shape can be seen in Sumerian carvings from the third millennium BC, while the Egyptian relief of about a thousand years later actually show participants and spectators. In any case, the bare knuckle boxer) and Crete (where it is even see the boxer portrayed wearing a primitive type of gloves).

Fighting with the fists also described in several of the ancient Indian texts, including the Vedas, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Evidence has also been found in some excavations carried out at the sight of two ancient cities called Mohenjadaro and Harappa in the Indus valley. Nevertheless. Although the fight with closed fists, seems to come naturally to most people, it’s probably in Greece as sports and science of boxing began collecting a wide popularity, and was organized and developed appropriately.

It was in Greece that boxing became an Olympic sport (688 BC), and it was in Greece, which has been improved and is recognized as a valuable tool in teaching the warrior. Boxing is mentioned by Homer in the 13th Book of the Iliad (about 675 BC), in which it is described as part of the competition Mycenaeans used to honor their dead.

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