Bay Body of Water Facts

The bay is a body of water connected to the ocean or a lake formed by a recess on the beach. A large Bay can be called the sea, a sound, bight or a gulf. A cove is a small round or oval coastal inlet with a narrow entrance; Some bays can be attributed to as bays. Fjord is particularly steep bay shaped by glacial activity.

The compartments may exist in the mouth of the river, as the estuary of the Parramatta river in Australia. Bays can be nested in one another; For example, James Bay is one of the arm of the Hudson Bay. Some of the larger bays such as the Bay of Bengal and Hudson Bay, have varied marine geology.

The area surrounding the bay can often block the waves and reduce the force of the winds. So Bays are important in the history of human settlements, as they can provide a safe place for fishing. Later, they play an important role in the development of maritime commerce and secure fastening they provide encouraged their choice as a port.

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