Bangladesh: Dhaka Cafe Attack 13 Hostages Rescued ISIS Claims Responsibility

Islamic state terrorists on Friday evening stormed a crowded restaurant in increased safety Gulshan diplomatic sphere Dhaka and took hostage at least 20 people, including foreigners, prompting a fierce firefight with security forces, Bangladesh, where two policemen were killed and 30 wounded.

Bangladesh Attack

Terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” broke in the opening Artisan bakery visited by diplomats and foreigners, and opened fire indiscriminately around 21:20 (local time). Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack through the news agency Amaq nearly four hours after the hostage crisis unfolded.

There are conflicting reports about the number of militants involved. 7-8 terrorists reportedly holed up in the dining room, although some reports suggest that the number could be higher.

Several foreigners, including Italians and Japanese were feared, were taken hostage together with local residents inside the house, police said.

The attackers threw a bomb inside the restaurant and fired intermittently. When the police tried to get inside the building caused the explosion shooters to stop them.

Shots and explosions were heard near the restaurant.

MEA sources in New Delhi said they were monitoring the situation in Dhaka and tries to get acquainted with the details.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina was in touch to the power structures of the incident.

The kitchen staff of the restaurant, who managed to escape, said several armed men entered the restaurant around 20:45 and took chief chef hostage, according to media reports.

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