How to Increase Athletic Performance and Speed

There are many sports that require running speed and explosiveness for short distances. Baseball player must sprint to first base, a wide receiver in football should work your route at full speed up and even bobsledder must use explosive speed to gain momentum in the race on the track.

In athletics, men’s world record time of 9.77 seconds to the fact that this event, which brings together some of the most amazing athletes in the world of speed.

I believe that any kind of sport or event that requires the athlete to accelerate to maximum speed as quickly as possible requires a short distance speed component in their curriculum.

Before starting the program a short distance speed athlete must first assess their body composition. Any unnecessary body fat will slow down the athlete speed. The main reason for excess body fat is malnutrition, and it should work for the athlete to perform to the maximum.

Linear speed of the athlete will require flexibility in the hip, flexors and extensors which is the most important. In the lower back, hips, quadriceps, calves, Achilles and rotator cuff also plays an important role in the sprint. Each athlete must have a solid flexibility to perform at their best.

There are many learning methods that can be applied to improve the overall speed. The athlete should always remember that, in order to become faster, you should run faster. Therefore, the speed of the program of work should be improved and developed in the possibility of doing repetitions.

Medicine ball work is essential, as well as the stability ball exercises. This is important for the preparation of athletes for the speed to mix between the main job with resistance to low reps and the main work of the high repetition, crunches and leg raises.

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