Types of Archery and its How It Can Be Played

Historical data show that archery has been existence for a long period of time. In the past, archery was used in war and hunting. However, since the development of firearms, archery is now a recreational activity. Activities linked to bow and arrow. In the past arrow shafts were made of wood. A disadvantage of wooden arrows with a bow in the fact that they are prone to warping.

Shooting Archery

Archery sport competition include shooting archery arrows to set the target with a certain distance. Target archery, indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sport has a range of 18 to 25 meters. Goals are set and shooters involved shooting at least three archery arrows for a certain period of time. When all arrows shot their arrows, all participants move to the goal, to calculate the results and get their arrows. Objectives are concentric rings with each ring meant a score marked. Outer sport has a range of 30 to 90 meters. The same rules apply when moving outdoor sports.

Field Archery

In addition to the target archery, there is also a field archery sport. This includes target for shooting at different distances in a terrain. Field archery involves three types of rounds. These are field, hunter and animal rounds. In the circle on the field, the archers shoot at targets, set up for the sport shooter person at 80 yards. The shooter must strive to achieve the goals of the central white or black on the outside. Each part has a specific target score.

The hunter round is no different, except that the target located at a distance of 70 yards uneven. Goals tend to aim the black fur and the bull’s eyes.

3D archery are also quite popular among the “hunter” because it involves shooting at life-size model of a real game.

Other Types of Archery Shooting Sport

There are other types of archery, which are also very popular among the shooters as shooting of flight archery, ski archery and cross bow archery. In flight archery, competitors tend to see who can shoot as far. This sport is held in the flat areas of the plateau.

Ski archery, on the other hand, includes skiing over a set track, and then shooting at targets set up in specific areas along the ski track. Archery accessories make the game easier to play. Accessories like target archery stands, 3D-target and target wheel antelope stands.

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