How Does Accordion Works?

The accordion, piano accordion, harmonica or Squeezebox consists mainly of key boxes, reeds and bellows. Harmonica is like a box shape that provides a instruments for one of their names. The pressure on the outside of the box, forces exerted by a player, bellows to expand and contract, forcing air over the specific reed associated with the keys depressed by the player. Each reed is the different nature of the air flow and changes the pitch of the note played.

There are two different types of accordion style “Piano”, which has a conventional keypad in the right side of the instrument while a “button” accordion, as its name suggests, is played with keyboard buttons. Both the piano and button accordions have another set of buttons on the left hand face which when are pressed, they play chords.

Thus, unlike the piano, accordion advanced players tend to follow the melodic line in the track with his right hand and play guitar chords with their left. Accordion, which has keys on the left hand just plays single notes and chords. For most people, “piano” accordion is usually meant to describe a musical instrument.

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